Handmade silk fashion scarf
Size 90 cm x 90 cm
Шал камбанкиПлаток колокольчики
Sommer, Hütte und Poesie
Du bist einzigartig
Нежност и деликатност
Die besten Leute verdienen das Beste
Лето круглый год
Zärtlichkeit und Zartheit
Ти си уникална
Най-добрите хора заслужават най-доброто
Hoy du, meine Blumen
Лято с теб
Колокольчики мои
Song about tenderness
 Hoy you, my flowers
Цветики степные
Най-деликатната коприна
Ексклузивна доставка до дома

Original from Anna Ikonen

Inspired by the summer rural season and a poem by A. Tolstoy. Remember?

"Goy you, my flowers,
Steppe flowers!
What are you looking at me
Dark blue?
And what are you sad about
Happy May day
Among the unmown grass
Shaking your head? "

The scarf has turned out to be a delicate and tender one. What contributed most? Was it the thin, natural silk called Pongee - 5 or excelsior, or were it watercolors, and daisies to match the fabric? The scarf is hand-painted in a single copy with German steam-fixed dyes, that do work not earlier than few hours. The edges of the scarf were sewn by the author personally by hand with natural silk threads.

The scarf will be the best addition to your image, as it'll give you uniqueness and originality. It will be the best gift to a birthday, too, or to the holidays, or as gratitude to your mother, friend, or just like that to your beloved.

The scarf can be used in different ways: imagination will suggest inexhaustible options for any style of clothing. It can also be used as a pareo on the beach or around the clock in resort towns. In the 2021 season, it can be used as a mask if circumstances require it. As a hijab or turban, it will highlight your unique style.



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