Handmade Amber Pendant
Висулка от кехлибарBernsteinanhänger
Bernstein Kunstwerk
Bernstein handgefertigter Anhänger
Ръчно изработен висулка от кехлибар
Шоколадный янтарь
 Песня моря
Морска песен

Unique one of kind handmade artwork from Maria Maier. The pendant is made of wood and 6 types of amber. The proprietary technology developed by the artist. The uniqueness of the item is guaranteed, there is no such thing anywhere else and it is impossible to repeat it even by the artist himself.

One sees the sea here, a transparent high sky with light clouds, a rocky shore. Not just a pendant, but a whole picture, a story about faraway!

And all this might become yours today. Just hit the "Buy" button and we deliver the pendant to you worldwide, so you'd gain happiness, too. The eternity of every moment you'd able to contemplate this miracle worth every penny spent!


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