Alexander Shurduk is one of the first in Kazakhstan who makes paintings in the technique of Florentine mosaic. He painstakingly folds stunning canvases from pieces of gems.

Alexander, a sculptor by profession, so has been working with stone for a long time. But it is one thing to cut off the excess from the stone in order to form the required volume and quite another thing about the technology of mosaic. An artist should keep the smallest stone remnants in order to create something bigger of them. Mosaic production from stone is complex and time-consuming. And here the point is not only that one needs to pick proper stones that are suitable in color and texture, but also slice them into thin plates, cut out the necessary pieces-spots, glue all of them into a single composition, grind, polish ... And then a picture is born where gemstones, arguing and agreeing with each other, create amazing spectacular variations filled with either warmth and light, or solemn sound, or joyful ringing.

Alexander Shurduk sometimes translates into stone his favorite works of other artists, but more often he creates his own original landscape and still life artworks. He is very sensitive to the gems that he uses in his works. Alexander admires jade for its deep and delicate, like a cloud, greenery, unpredictable and rich in color jasper, very beautiful and rare charoite, shimmering with small crystals, vitrophyre that is not found anywhere except Kazakhstan, delicate and easy to cut traditional marble.

The stones are innumerable, and they all ask to be embodied in this or that picture in order to delight us and giving further inspiration to the artist.