Handmade silk fashion scarf
Size 90 cm x 90 cm
В акварелната техника на безплатна копринена рисункаIn the watercolor technique of free silk painting
Вдъхновено от Ван Гог
Ярки цветове за изключителни хора
2020-2021 Маска, която винаги е върху вас
Du musst nicht wie andere sein
Seide ist Seide
Те никога няма да ви спрат
Побалуй себя
as a pareo on the beach
с всякакъв стил облекло
für jeden Anlass
на любой праздник
a perfect gift
a wonderful accessoir
Helle, satte Farben
Bright, rich colors
в едно копие
Елегантно произведение на изкуството
für kreative, außergewöhnliche Personen
Творческим, неординарным личностям
for Van Gogh's admirers
Handmade silk scarf
Авторска работа на Анна Иконен

Original from Anna Ikonen

Van Gogh Gogh's admirers, creative, extraordinary persons will appreciate this one-of-a-kind elegant work of art made of delicate, thin, natural silk. Hand-painted in a single copy with German dyes, that was fixed with steam for several hours. The edges of the scarf were hemmed by the author personally by hand with natural silk threads.

Bright, rich colors, in the watercolor technique of free silk painting, make this scarf a wonderful accessory, a perfect gift for any occasion, say birthday, at any time of the year, to mom, friend, sister, present for Christmas.

The scarf can be used in different styles: classic, boho, gypsy, depending on your imagination, and with any style of clothing. It can be used as a pareo on the beach and round the clock in resort towns, too. A perfect type of mask, hijab, türbanIt will emphasize your individuality and unique style, make you stand out from the crowd. Multicolor, the main colors of the scarf are blue, yellow, red.


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