Silk is a natural protein fiber, some forms of which can be woven into textiles. The shimmering appearance allows silk cloth to refract incoming light at different angles, thus producing different colors.

Batik officially recognized as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Indonesia celebrates "the National Batik Day" (in Indonesian: Hari Batik Nasional) annually on October 2. Nowadays, Indonesians would wear batik in honor of this ancient tradition.

Painted batik, batik painting, or batik lukis is a technique of making batik by painting (with or without a pattern) on a white cloth using a medium or a combined medium like canting, brush, banana stalk, broomsticks, cotton, toothpicks, patchwork, or other media depending on the expression of a painter. Batik painting is the result of the development of batik art. The essence of batik painting is the process of making batik that does not use traditional motifs that are commonly found. The resulting motifs are the creation of the maker, usually producing contemporary (free) motifs or patterns with brighter, more striking colors, and more diverse color variations. The coloring in painted batik tends to be free and plays with many colors. There are also gradation effects and other painting effects. The drawings are made as if painted batik is an ordinary painting poured on silk.

In principle, many differences due to the influence of modern painting, such as in terms of appearance, especially in motifs and colors. The most important thing in making painted batik is the combination of the batik work and coloring depending on the taste of the batik maker. Painted batik is popular because it has a very affordable price and a very creative manufacturing process. Painted batik can be used as decoration or ready-to-wear clothing (fashion). Painted batik which has human objects, landscapes, still objects, and other objects, are in high demand for display paintings.

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Оригинальный шелковый шарф ручной работы Размер 200 см х 45 см (78¾" x 17¾")
Handmade silk original scarf Size 200 cm x 45 cm (78¾" x 17¾")
Ръчно изработен копринен оригинален шал Размер 200 см х 45 см (78¾" x 17¾")
Handgefertigter Originale Seidenschal Größe 200 cm x 45 cm (78¾" x 17¾")


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€ 129,99
€ 89,99
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