Oriental Snowflakes

Handmade silk original scarf
Size 90 cm x 90 cm (36" x 36")
Ръчно изработен копринен оригинален шалChic und Extravaganz
Handgefertigter Originale Seidenschal
 Авторская работа Марины Лакшиной
Original from Marina Lakshina
Авторска работа на Марина Лакшина
Originale von Marina Lakschina
Выделит вас из серой скучной массы
Making you stand out from the gray boring mass
Откроява ви от сивата скучна маса
Sie sich von der grauen, langweiligen Masse abheben
Exklusive Kunstwerke
от фина естествена коприна понж - 5 или ексельсиор
Расписан вручную волшебными голубыми кругами
Ръчно рисувани с вълшебни сини кръгове
in oriental style
Das helle, anmutige Motiv

Original from Marina Lakshina

The scarf Oriental Snowflakes is made of the finest, lightweight, airy silk called Pongee - 5 or excelsior (floaty natural one with a density of 22gsm). Hand-painted with magic blue circles, that are so beloved by you and so well done by the batik artist Marina Lakshina. In her works, the author uses eco-friendly dyes, which are fixed with a hot iron. The bright, graceful motive in oriental style will add a uniquely chic and extravagance to your image. The scarf will keep you warm in the winter months and bring you into a festive mood, making you stand out from the gray boring mass. Wash in cool water, mild silk detergent. The edge of the scarf is sewn by hand with silk threads. An amazing gift for any occasion: for Christmas, birthday, holiday, in gratitude to mom, friend, beloved, just to indulge yourself.


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